Heist Films

Heist Bros

The Heist Bros.

The tag for the directorial brotherhood of Justin Hunt and Nathan Whitmarsh. They founded The Heist Brothers as a collaborative project to create films for innovative and daring brands. As a directorial team they have travelled around the world telling stories for brands and agencies with their combined understanding of cinematic storytelling and technical intel. They are all about the big hustle.


Justin Hunt

Director / DoP

Combining his love for visual storytelling and crafting stories with real heart and purpose, Justin makes up one half of the Heist Brothers. With over ten years experience in producing branded content and commercials he thrives on working with new collaborators and creating strong cinematic imagery. Recently directing work for HP, Heineken and C4. He’s normally found lying on the floor looking for the next shot.



Nathan Whitmarsh

Director / Editor

With an extensive background in graphic design & post production, Nathan tackles every project with a balanced eye; bringing precision and detail to every production. His work is defined by telling very human stories with a strong sense of place and style. He approaches every project with a post mindset, always shooting for the edit. He has recently directed for AirBnB, HP and Lotus. He is also the tallest Heist Brother.